This summer, we’re adding our km to the community counter and watching the benefits add up.

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Cycling is not only great for our bodies and the planet, it’s also easy on the wallet.

Did you know that choosing the combo of bike-car-sharing-bus can save you up to $6,400 a year ? Imagine how much your community can save.


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Getting around by bike instead of by car is nine times less expensive for society. Compare $0.50/km for cycling versus $4.50/km for driving. That’s remarkable savings !

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Considering that it costs $ 7.62 on average to fill a hole in the road, we need to pedal a little less than 78 km to make one disappear. Say good-bye to potholes !

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For every 20,652 km covered, we save the equivalent of a one-week vacation package in the sun. Here’s to the holidays ! Let’s get moving !

If together we ride 4,831 km by bike instead of taking the car, we save 3 m2 of glacier. Let’s do it for the polar bears!

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Studies show that 20 minutes of cycling can reduce our stress levels for over two hours. Pedalling puts a smile on your face!

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